Josh Groban, Noise11, Photo

Josh Groban. Photo by Ros O'Gorman.

New Josh Groban Album, Music Video and Movie On The Way

by Tim Cashmere on January 3, 2012

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Josh Groban in a video blog featuring his brother Chris looking on announced that he is about to begin work on his sixth studio album and that he has a new music video on the way.

In the post, which went up today, Groban said that he is starting work on the new record on January 9, and that he would be able to tell us about it soon. In other teasers, he also mentioned that he will be in a “new comedy” that begins shooting in February.

One thing he did go into graphic detail about, however, is his new music video, which was recorded on tour by his brother Chris.

“Chris came out with us and shot a music video, which I kid you not is the best music video I have in my arsenal to date and it’s for the song If I Walk Away,” he told the camera. “I was very moved by it and I hope you are too and we’re going to release that for you…”

“Right n…” his brother chimed in before being interrupted.

“No, not right now,” Josh laughed. “Later! Later everyone! Don’t get your onesies in a bunch! It’s going to be later. This week? This month? This year? As you know when it comes to time with me, I could say that it’s going to be out tomorrow, and that could mean never.”

“It’s a wonderful video and you’re going to like it very much,” he added.

Don’t believe me? Well check out the video for yourself:

I didn’t say it would be a good vlog from Josh Groban on Vimeo.

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