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A$AP Rocky Admits Rita Ora Rap Was Tasteless

by Music-News.com on July 5, 2015

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A$AP Rocky has admitted his rap about Rita Ora was “tasteless”.

The rapper hit the headlines in May when the lyrics to his track Better Things were released, as they include a lewd remark about the British singer. They were related to her speaking about a brief romance they’d had, and A$AP was slammed for degrading women. He is now remorseful about the episode, although he’s not trying to blot it from history.

“The Rita thing was tasteless of me,’ he told British newspaper The Guardian. ‘[But] I’ve got to stand by it, because I did it. I said it.

“Who gives a f**k about who I’m f**king? Nobody really cares. It’s fun to hear, but who really gives a f**k about who Rita Ora’s f**king?’

That’s not the only hot water the hip-hop star has been in of late. In April he got into an argument over a savoury snack while in London, UK, and looking back he has no idea what was going through his mind.

“I was being an a*shole. If I’d have hit that guy I wouldn’t have been able to go back to the UK,’ he admitted. ‘I’ve got so many good things going on in my life, why would I run back into a bagel shop after a dude threw a pastry at my Uber?’

It seems that A$AP is trying to change the public perception of himself, although he realises that will take time. He insists there is more to him than meets the eye too, possibly shown in him teaming up with Rod Stewart for his track Everyday.

“It’s like seeing yourself 30 or 40 years older and white,” he replied, when asked what hanging out with the ageing star is like.

On a more serious note, A$AP understands why he has rubbed some people up the wrong way. Looking back he wishes he had handled things differently when he first became famous, but believes he is now on the right path.

“Coming in I was so braggodocious: gold, b***hes, all that other sh*t. Not a lot has changed,’ he said. ‘I’m just a little more humble. I’m here to stand out, I’m not here to sh*t on people no more.”


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