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Andrew Giles MP

Andrew Giles MP

Andrew Giles Quotes Morrissey In The Australian Parliament

by Paul Cashmere on September 17, 2015

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Australian Member of Parliament Andrew Giles, the Labor Member for Scullin, may very well be the first Australian MP to quote Morrissey in a sitting of federal Parliament.

“What difference does it make? What difference does it make, Deputy Speaker, that the member for Wentworth has replaced the member for Warringah as our Prime Minister,” Andrew Giles MP said. “So what difference does it make? As Morrissey said ‘It makes none’.

As the member for Scullin pointed out, 48 hours after the Liberal Party dumped Tony Abbott as their leader, thereby changing the Prime Minister of Australia, new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has not changed one of the Abbott government polices.

“This is what the people in my electorate want to know,” he said. They want to know what it means to them outside of this place because they haven’t forgotten, and on this side we haven’t forgotten, why the government has reached this decision point. It is not because of personality, it is because of policy. It is because of the dishonesty before the election revealed after the election”.

The Australian public had lost faith in the Abbott government because it was let down on numerous promises including the environment, on education, on health, on marriage equality.

Australia has now had five Prime Ministers in as many years.

As explanation as to how this can happen in Australia – Australia follows the British Westminster system. The Australian public votes for a party not a person. It is up to each party to appoint a leader and when that party happens to be in government and they decide to change leaders, then the new person they elect will also be the new Prime Minister.

In the last three cases (Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and now Tony Abbott) where the sitting Prime Minister was ousted, in every case it was because the party voted out their leader under British law.

Contrary to some reports in International media, there was not, nor has there ever been, a coup in the Australian government. Under British law, the Commonwealth of Australia operates exactly the same way it does in England. However, in England, they are loath to act this way for a sitting government.

Andrew Giles was correct quoting the wise words of Morrissey ‘What difference does it make?”. Mr Giles should also queue up Talking Heads ‘Once In A Lifetime’ at the “same as it ever was’ lyrics and while we are all in a dancing mood, The Who ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ would also nicely fit in this playlist.


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