Angus Young Expresses His Thoughts At End Of Rock or Bust Tour -
Angus Young AC/DC Etihad Stadium, Rock Or Bust World Tour. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Angus Young AC/DC Etihad Stadium, Rock Or Bust World Tour. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Angus Young Expresses His Thoughts At End Of Rock or Bust Tour

by Paul Cashmere on September 25, 2016

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Now that the AC/DC Rock or Bust tour has fizzled to an end no-one knows what the band will do next, if anything.

Angus Young has shared a few words with fans at but has given no hint about the future of the band.

“For me, music is my world. Its what I know,” Angus Young says. “I never take things for granted. I like to go and hope they like it”.

After the departure of Brian Johnson and replacement with Axl Rose, fans had a mixed reaction to the band continuing with Angus as the only original member.

The departure of Brian came down to a medical condition but his absence as a guest on the remaining shows said a lot about the abrupt departure.

Angus has not helped the situation by remaining silent on the future. He is content talking up the past. “For us, every show is a new kind of challenge,” Angus said. “Whenever everything is happening and the song is cooking and everything gels it seems like its one thing and it all moves together. The ultimate is when you’ve got the audience joining in. The magic happens. They just want to rock along with you”.

He seems committed to performing. “I play guitar when I feel I want to play guitar. That’s how you learnt to play. It’s never ‘you must play guitar’. It is a case of ‘you want to do that’”.

Reading between the lines you would expect that Angus Young does have future plans. “The music has a lot of power. It’s simple but its also complex. Ozzy Osbourne calls that ‘meat and potatoes’. As good as a description as any”.

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