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Basement Jaxx Play London #SETLIST

by on October 5, 2015

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Basement Jaxx returned with a stellar performance at the infamous Camden Koko in London. The event was held to celebrate life and peace on International Peace Day, Monday, September 21, with special guests supporting the show including the LCV Choir and the London Ballet Company.

Indeed this would be an occasion to remember. The crowds and fans who not only came to see Basement Jaxx at their best, but also to support a “Day of Global Ceasefire and Non-violence” and to support peace on many different levels – in our homes, relationships, our schools, at work and our hearts.

‘Hands in the air’ and ‘jumping’ seemed to be the crowd order for the evening. Packed to the rafters, the band took the fans through a magical journey of some of their greatest hits, including Romeo, Oh My Gosh, Red Alert and Where’s Your Head At. Equally, the crowd were treated to different themes and costume changes for each song, for added spice with supporting characters, singers and instrumentalists. Not to mention the brass band at the beginning playing some well-known pop numbers including Bang Bang and Crazy In Love.

Perhaps the performance of the evening in line with the occasion was a special rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine with the LCV Choir who were all sporting special “peace” t-shirts on song. Despite their melody vocals being somewhat dampened, perhaps over-whelmed by the chorus chants from the crowd – it was a time to embrace what the essence of the gig was about – “peace”.

Basement Jaxx can always be relied on for a strong, lively and colorful performance, as the set and evening would suggest. Ending on Where’s Your Head At – we were reminded of just how great this act is and the sounds of the Basement Jaxx are here to stay and for good cause.

Bjork set list

Main Set
Intro (from Crazy Itch Radio, 2006)
Good Luck (from Kish Kash, 2003)
Unicorn (from Junto, 2014)
Power To The People (from Junto, 2014)
Pandemonium Drummers
Never Say Never (from Junto, 2014)
Tango Ballet Performance
What’s the News (from Junto, 2014) / Friendly Garage Beat (new)
Oh My Gosh (from The Singles, 2005) / Everybody (from Crazy Itch Radio, 2006)
Red Alert (from Remedy, 1999) / Taiko (from Junto, 2014) / Back 2 the Wild (single, 2013)
Romeo (from Rooty, 2001)
Imagine (John Lennon cover)
Jump n’ Shout (from Remedy, 1999)
Buffalo (from Junto, 2014)
Raindrops (from Scars, 2009)
Do Your Thing (from Rooty, 2001)
Rock This Road (from Junto, 2014)
What A Difference Your Love Makes (from Junto, 2014)
Korean Drummers
Where’s Your Head At? (from Rooty, 2001)
Peace Peace Peace (new)
Lights Go Down (from Crazy Itch Radio, 2006)

Mermaid of Salinas (from Junto, 2014)
Bingo Bango (from Remedy, 1999)


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