Broderick Smith Can Thank Politicians For His Rejuvenated Inspiration To Write -
Broderick Smith Man Out Of Time

Broderick Smith Man Out Of Time

Broderick Smith Can Thank Politicians For His Rejuvenated Inspiration To Write

by Paul Cashmere on September 13, 2018

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Broderick Smith says today’s politicians give him plenty of inspiration to write these days.

“Our politicians are all like some weird group of circus clowns. It’s good to write,” he tells

Broderick is about to release ‘Man Out Of Time’, his first album in about 10 years. He lays part of the blame on the gap between albums because of his old band The Dingoes reforming.

“What happened was I put out ‘Unknown Country’ around 2008/2009,” Broderick says. “Then I got hit at the same time to do The Dingoes reformation which I didn’t want to do. I had my own album coming out. My oldest son wanted to do some bonding because we were going to Arizona to record so I said I’d do it. Then my own album ‘Unknown Country’ suffered because of that. The Dingoes thing dragged me back in time”.

‘Man Out Of Time’ is already more than three years old before its release. “I finished this about three or four years ago,” he says. “We sat on it because I was writing the book. The record company said ‘you are a mature performer’ which is a nice way of saying you are heading for the elephants graveyard. They said, lets wait until we get the book finished so we can put them both out at the same time”.

The politicians have him well and truly pumped up for a lot more new music. He has three more albums in the works. “One is a solo album. The other one is an original solo album. The third one which jumped to queue is with C.R. Humphrey. He plays country blues and he is part Cherokee. I started writing some lyrics. C.R. and I are trying to write an album via email. He lives in Pennsylvania. I’ve got a book of short stories that I want to get to in the future as well”.

‘Man Out Of Time’, the album and the book, will be released through Bloodlines on 5 October 2018.

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