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Chopper Read

Chopper Read May Have Weeks To Live

by Paul Cashmere on April 29, 2012

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Australian crim turned author Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read says he may only have weeks to live.

Chopper Read

Chopper Read

The one-time hit-man this week tweeted, “Sorry I haven’t been tweeting of late. Have been spending a bit of time in hospital for my liver” then “Looks like the big C has finally bitten. Let’s see how we go…”.

In an interview with The Herald Sun Chopper says he may have only a few weeks to live. Doctors say his worse case scenario is that he will be gone in a few weeks. His best-case scenario is a few years. Either way he admits his time is up.

The former thug has been treated for four cancerous tumors on his liver. Because he has been stabbed numerous times he says scarring on his liver means he cannot have a liver transplant.

One of Chopper’s final wishes is to star in a big budget movie. Over the next few weeks he will get that wish, starring alongside John Jarratt in the Melbourne-made movie ‘Pinball’.

‘Pinball’ is the debut feature film for brothers Matt and Trevor Holcomb. The movie is about blue-collar crime in the suburbs of Melbourne. The story revolves around Clint Thorp, a former Australian Rules football player who turns criminal and the violent chain of events surrounding his world.

Pinball’ could be Chopper’s last job if the doctor’s worse case scenario is correct. He will play himself in the movie.

The story was Chopper was told in the 2000 Australian film ‘Chopper’ starring Eric Bana as Chopper Read.

Chopper Read talks about Ronnie Johns with Noise11’s Tim Cashmere



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