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Counter Productive: Frog Dissects The ARIAs

by Frog on December 3, 2012

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I’ll be honest straight up-I didn’t watch the ARIA’s this week. Furthermore it wasn’t until I saw some mention of it somewhere that I even knew they were on. I feel bad saying that, but from the reports and comments I’ve seen since then I’m not alone.



I can’t remember what year it was when I’d had enough, but I remember being interviewed on ABC radio the following day stating that “if the artists themselves don’t take the awards seriously, then how can I and the public be expected to? “

I remember watching some of the winners on that night being dressed in jeans and a crappy shirt, being rude (and unprofessional) to anyone who was tuned in- and that was enough for me.

I can’t work out exactly where the root of the problem is. Is it the part of Australia’s psyche that dislikes putting people on a pedestal? Is it because despite the (minimal) bump in sales that occur, that at the end of the day they really don’t mean that much-does it help get an artist extra gigs, extra pay, extra airplay? You tell me.

The unfortunate side effect of the ARIA’s now though, is that it cheapens everything done beforehand. Hall of Fame aside, are we too cool now to thank the artists, producers, and EVERYONE else associated with a release that has brightened our lives and added to an ever expanding musical canon? If everyone (as it appears) is more interested in hanging at the bar and partying on, then maybe we should do that instead-just have an industry party, hand out a few awards away from the public and enjoy the night. Oh wait, Elton warned us to do this right at the start….

In today’s media climate, if we have to water down, and dumb down, the night (and the broadcast) in the hope of attracting public interest, it’s not achieving any of its goals. Instead, everyone seems to be laughing at the ARIA’s, and that’s wrong. It’s embarrassing and some hard changes need to be made.

Tell me what you think-then tell everyone. People listen to you.



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