Counter Productive: The Stones Vs The Beatles - Midnight Rambling By Frog -
Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones images by Ros O'Gorman,, photo

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones images by Ros O'Gorman,, photo

Counter Productive: The Stones Vs The Beatles – Midnight Rambling By Frog

by Frog on November 8, 2012

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I’m going to state an opinion that might shock you. I’ve honestly been thinking about it for a while now, and I figure that with the release of their new compilation, now’s a great time for us to talk about it.

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones images by Ros O'Gorman

Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones (photo by Ros O'Gorman)

I think The Stones might be better than The Beatles.

Think about it for a second. The guys have been around 50 years. FIFTY YEARS! They’ve put out great music consistently through most of that time-even though a lot of people think it’s fun to take the piss out of them. I cried the day John Lennon died, while I’m older and a bit tougher now, I’m sure I’ll weep when Mick and Keith move on. I know it’s the given to state publicly how great John Lennon was (and obviously justifiably……even though I’ve always loved Paul’s music much, much more), but be honest, has there EVER been a cooler dude than Keith Richards?

The Beatles musical output was unbelievable-specifically because they always set a new musical boundary EVERY year in only 8 years-AXL, are you reading this you schmuck? And considering their ages too, I mean after changing the world and breaking up, George hadn’t hit 30……

Still, when you stack the music side by side-by the sheer numbers of great songs whether it be the Fabs in 8 years and the Glimmer’s in, say, their first 25, wouldn’t you say there’s a case?

We all know their story, and be honest, if there was any band you could park the car, walk into a venue and see play live, would you really pick anyone over The Rolling Stones?

There’s a new compilation out this week, we should all get it, play it really loud and celebrate this band. Their music, their lives and their social history should be celebrated, and we should show ‘em the love while we can.

Have a listen and tell me what you think-then tell everyone. People listen to you.

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