CSI Miami David Caruso image

CSI Miami David Caruso

CSI Miami Axed, David Caruso Takes Off The Shades

by Paul Cashmere on May 14, 2012

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After 10 seasons David Caruso is hanging up his shades. CSI Miami has been axed.

CSI Miami David Caruso image

CSI Miami David Caruso

Caruso has been Detective Horatio Caine for the past 10 years. His one-liners are legendary. Once when a report came through on the death of Michael Jackson, Horatio said, “”Sounds like his heart (removes sunglasses) couldn’t beat it.”

When he was called to the body of a person found after an Iron Maiden concert he said, “I guess it turns out that only one of ’em (removes sunglasses) was a true headbanger.”

‘CSI: Miami’ was the first spin-off of ‘CSI’. It debuted in 2002.

Very little of ‘CSI: Miami’ was ever filmed in Florida. Most of the scenes, including outdoor scenes, were filmed in Long Beach, California. Water scenes were filmed in the canals of Venice, California. The producers paid such little attention to detail that often you would see the Santa Monica Pier in the background of scenes.

This final season of ‘CSI: Miami’ was reduced to 19 episodes. CBS took it off air early to make way for its new ‘NYC22’. ‘NYC22’ has now also been axed.

‘CSI’ fans can look forward to at 13 season of ‘CSI’ and a 9th season of ‘CSI: New York’.

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