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Pink: Photo Ros O'Gorman, Noise11, Photo

Pink: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Daughter Would Think Pink’s Boobs Are Someone Else’s

by Music-News.com on November 15, 2012

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Pink has joked her daughter wouldn’t recognise her boobs if she saw one of the singer’s early music videos.

Pink: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Pink: Photo Ros O'Gorman

The music star gave birth to Willow in June 2011 and has been mulling over how her body has changed since she first found fame. Pink is renowned for her toned physique which she showed off in the promo for her 2002 hit single Just Like a Pill.
‘Oh sweet baby Jesus – If I showed Willow my boobs from the PILL video she’d think they were someone else’s :/ hahaha YEP (sic)’ she wrote on her Twitter account.
As well as thinking about her own appearance, Pink has also been discussing her husband Carey Hart’s. The pair have been married since 2006 and the spark is clearly still alive in their relationship, with Pink gushing about her handsome spouse.
‘I don’t know about you guys but I think @hartluck is HOT (sic),’ she tweeted.
Pink has had a busy week so far. On Monday evening she was guest of honour at an event to pay tribute to women who have battled breast cancer.
The Power of Pink fundraiser took place in Los Angeles and saw Pink perform some of her biggest hits including Just Like a Pill, Who Knew and So What. She also treated the audience to a couple of new tracks from her latest album The Truth About Love.
The star then gave a rendition of Perfect ‘ with the swear words edited out. She jokingly told the crowd that she no longer feels ‘cool’ as she has mellowed since Willow was born.
‘My friend’s son heard my clean version and said, ‘Mom. Is this lady a mom?’ To which my friend replied, ‘Yes. That is Auntie Alisha,’ and he said, “These are mom words!” Pink laughed. “Awesome! I graduated. I’m not cool anymore! So here you go, the clean version.”

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