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Elvis Presley’s Step-Brother Writes A Book

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on May 27, 2016

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David E. Stanley, Elvis Presley’s step brother whom Elvis took under his wing as a young adolescent to work with him on tour in the 70’s, will release his new book, My Brother Elvis, worldwide on Amazon on August 16.

A very personal story about Elvis Presley’s last years of addiction struggles, the book release coincides with the 39th Anniversary of Elvis’ tragic passing at Graceland on August 16, 1977. Stanley is issuing the new release in his ongoing efforts to help those struggling with addiction, as he himself, turned his life around from drug addiction after the passing of his brother. The book also includes a hotline for addiction help.

David E. Stanley, whom “The King” invited to become his bodyguard on the road at age 16, brings his first-hand perspective to the life of the legend the world has come to know. Over the past few decades, the author, filmmaker and globally renowned inspirational, business and self-development speaker has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world with cautionary tales of the dark side of Elvis, which ultimately led to his demise. Now, with the release of My Brother Elvis, Stanley further loosens the mystery and opens up candidly about his years as part of Elvis’ family and road entourage.

“I hope that these revelations of my time with Elvis might save others from the pain I suffered during the final years of his life,” Stanley says. He continues, “It’s my way of reaching out to those who loved Elvis in the hopes of touching their lives as much as he touched mine. I felt it was my responsibility to write a book about these realities of Elvis beyond the glitz, glamour and fun. He was human, and his very human frailties and vulnerabilities cost him his life. If addiction could happen to Elvis, it can happen to anyone.”

Though My Brother Elvis is the rawest, most personal and hard hitting of Stanley’s works, the author has drawn inspiration from his years with his famous stepbrother in several previous bestselling books. The Elvis Encyclopedia was the first complete and authenticated compendium containing everything there was to know about the singer’s personal and professional life. Other works include the New York Times bestseller Elvis, We Love You Tender; Raised On Rock; Restoring My Father’s Honor; and Conversations With The King: Journals Of A Young Apprentice.

After many years as speaker for numerous associations and corporations, Stanley launched Impello Entertainment, a multi-faceted umbrella organization for all “Elvis and David” related intellectual projects, including his books and films. He wrote, produced and directed the critically acclaimed 2007 film Protecting the King, and is currently producing, along with Academy Award winning producer Gene Kirkwood (Rocky, The Pope of Greenwich Village), his next feature titled Growing Up Graceland.

“I have chosen to share my stories about Elvis and my past, even as dark as they can be, only if they can serve to communicate a positive, hopeful message that can help people,” says Stanley. He continues, “Nobody loved Elvis more than I did. I wrote My Brother Elvis to humanize him not only for longtime fans passionate about him and his music, but also for young people, to make sure they realize that while life with ‘The King’ was often pretty cool, there was also a high price to pay for the party.”



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