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Good Music Neighbours Funding Available For Victoria

by Announcement on July 4, 2016

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Applications are now open for Good Music Neighbours – a matched funding program for sound management in Victorian live music venues.

Funding is available on an annual basis and live music venues can apply for up to $25,000 per venue in funding (over the 3 years of the Good Music Neighbours program).

Apply via the Creative Victoria online grants portal here. Applications are open from Monday 4 July 2016 and close 5pm Wednesday 13 July 2016. Only applications submitted by the due date each year via the Creative Victoria grants portal will be assessed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I apply for?

Good Music Neighbours provides matched funding for Victorian live music venues up to a total per venue of $25,000 over three years.

* As an example only, a venue could apply for $3,000 in first year (e.g. obtaining an acoustic report to the value of $6,000), and then up to $22,000 (e.g. for venue sound attenuation works valued at $44,000) over the next two funding rounds (2017 and 2018).

* There is no minimum amount you can apply for.

Who can apply?

The applicant must be an owner, operator or authorised representative of a live music entertainment venue. This includes (but is not limited to):

* a food and drink premises, nightclub, function centre or residential hotel that includes live music entertainment; and

* a rehearsal studio.

Please note:

*Creative Victoria will only accept one application per applicant (including under auspice) each funding round.

* Auspicing bodies may apply on behalf of multiple applicants.

What constitutes ‘live music entertainment’?

There is no definition of ‘live music entertainment’, but please consider:

* Whether the venue holds a current APRA AMCOS live music (or other) licence, or would be eligible to apply for one;

* Whether the venue regularly hosts music performed in a live setting;

* If the venue holds a liquor license, whether it specifies live music; and

* Whether people attend the venue to see a live performance by an artist.

Good Music Neighbours applications are welcomed if a venue believes that it is a live music entertainment venue and is eligible to be assessed by the peer review panel.

What is ‘matched funding’?

Matched funding requires an equal financial contribution from the applicant requesting the funding to match the funding sought via Good Music Neighbours.

What is the funding for?

Sound proofing and related activity, including but not limited to:

* obtaining sound proofing advice or engaging a professional acoustic expert or sound proofing service

* obtaining a professional acoustic assessment and plan

* plans or architectural drawings for the venue for any proposed acoustic attenuation measures

* installing acoustic insulation in walls, ceiling and floors

* installing acoustic glazing

* installing sound absorbing materials such as heavy drapes or carpet

* installing acoustic or air-lock doors or sealing gaps in doors and windows

* capital investment in sound equipment (up to $10,000) where a sound attenuation need can be evidenced

capital investment in staging support / room design to reduce sound emission
For more information, FAQ’s and guidelines, check out our website:

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