Graham Nash Describes Neil Young As “Long, Strange Trip” -
Graham Nash - Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Graham Nash - Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Graham Nash Describes Neil Young As “Long, Strange Trip”

by Paul Cashmere on September 22, 2013

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Neil Young is a “long, strange trip” according to Graham Nash in his memoir.

The British member of the legendary Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released his autobiography ‘Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life” this week and had interesting comments to make about Young.

“I love him to death. I’ll make music with him for the rest of my life, but he’s a very selfish man. Part of me admires the fact that he has the strength to follow his muse, but he doesn’t realize that there are other people involved in this world,” Nash says in the book.
David Crosby, Stephen Still and Graham Nash will reunite with Neil Young to perform at Neil’s annual charity Bridge School concert in October. Nash told Billboard that he expects that is Neil’s way of checking them out to see if they are up for another reunion next year. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young last performed on the Freedom of Speech tour together in 2008.

Earlier this year, Nash announced that a CSN&Y live album from 1974 was in the planning stages for an August 2013 release. So far, there has been no further word on the album, expected to be titled ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong’.

A three hour video of a 1974 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young concert can be viewed online.

Meantime, Warner Music Australia has reissued the 4 disc ‘CSN’ box set for Australia. The trimmed down 2CD version had only ever been locally available before.

The tracklisting is:

Disc 1:
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Cs&N/1969(Unreleased Alternate Mix)
Helplessly Hoping, Csn&Y/1969(Unreleased Version)
You Don’t Have To Cry, Cs&N/1968(Unreleased First Csn Recording)
Wooden Ships, Cs&N/1969
Guinnevere, Crosby/1968(Unreleased Demo)
Marrakesh Express, Cs&N/1969
Long Time Gone, Cs&N/1969
Blackbird, Cs&N/1969(Unreleased Live Studio Version)
Lady Of The Island, Cs&N/1969
Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves), C&N/1969(Unreleased Version)
Almost Cut My Hair, Csn&Y/1970(Unreleased Unedited Original Version)
Teach Your Children, Csn&Y/1969
Horses Through A Rainstorm, Csn&Y/1969(Unreleased Song)
D j Vu, Csn&Y/1969
Helpless, Csn&Y/1969
4 + 20, Csn&Y/1969(Unreleased Alternate Mix)
Laughing, Crosby/1969
Carry On/questions, Csn&Y/1969

Disc 2:
Woodstock, Csn&Y/1969(Unreleased Alternate Mix)
Ohio, Csn&Y/1970
Love The One You’re With, Stills/1970
Our House, Csn&Y/1969
Old Times Good Times, Stills/1970
The Lee Shore, Csn&Y/1969(Unreleased Version)
Music Is Love, Crosby/1970
I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here, Crosby/1970
Man In The Mirror, Csn&Y/1970(Unreleased Live Version)
Black Queen, Csn&Y/1970(Unreleased Live Version)
Military Madness, Nash/1971
Urge For Going, C&N/1971(Unreleased Version)
I Used To Be A King, Nash/1971
Simple Man, Nash/1970(Unreleased Alternate Mix)
Southbound Train, C&N/1972
Change Partners, Stills/1971
My Love Is A Gentle Thing, Stills/1975(Unreleased Song)
Word Game, Stills/1971
Johnny’s Garden, Manassas/1972
So Begins The Task, Manassas/1972
Turn Back The Pages, Stills/1975

Disc 3:
See The Changes, Csn&Y/1973(Unreleased Version)
It Doesn’t Matter, Manassas/1972
Immigration Man, C&N/1972
Chicago/we Can Change The World, Nash/1971
Homeward Through The Haze, Csn&Y/1974(Unreleased Version)
Where Will I Be?, C&N/1971
Page 43, C&N/1971
Carry Me, C&N/1975
Cowboy Of Dreams, C&N/1975
Bittersweet, C&N/1975
To The Last Whale.a. Critical Mass B. Wind On The Water, C&N/1975
Prison Song, Nash/1973
Another Sleep Song, Nash/1973
Taken At All, Csn&Y/1976(Unreleased Version)
In My Dreams, Cs&N/1977
Just A Song Before I Go, Cs&N/1976
Shadow Captain, Cs&N/1977
Dark Star, Cs&N/1982(Live Version)
Cathedral, Cs&N/1977

Disc 4:
Wasted On The Way, Cs&N/1981
Barrel Of Pain (Half-Life), Nash/1979
Southern Cross, Cs&N/1981
Daylight Again, Cs&N/1981
Thoroughfare Gap, Stills/1978
Wild Tales, Nash/1979(Unreleased Live Version)
Dear Mr. Fantasy, S&N/1980(Unreleased Version)
Cold Rain, Cs&N/1977
Got It Made, Cs&N/1989(Unreleased U.N. Live Broadcast Version)
Tracks In The Dust, Crosby/1988
As I Come Of Age, Cs&N/1981(Unreleased Version)
50/50, Stills/1983
Drive My Car, Crosby/1978(Unreleased Version)
Delta, Cs&N/1980
Soldiers Of Peace, Csn&Y/1988(Unreleased Version)
Yours And Mine, Cs&N/1990
Haven’t We Lost Enough?,Cs&N/1990
After The Dolphin, Cs&N/1989
Find The Cost Of Freedom, Csn&Y/1970



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