Israeli Artist Gilad Segev’s Passerby concept has Global Potential says Noise11 COO Nick Kontonicolas -
Gilad Segev

Gilad Segev

Israeli Artist Gilad Segev’s Passerby concept has Global Potential says Noise11 COO Nick Kontonicolas

by on January 14, 2019

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Noise11 COO Nick Kontonicolas’ latest music focus is on Israeli artist Gilad Segev and his concept Passerby.

Passerby gives Gilad the opportunity to partner with different artists to create unique musical interactions representing the very foundations of individual cultures. For example, the video for Goldrush with Yemen blues founder Ravid Kahalani has generated over one million YouTube views.

“Gilad Segev’s music philosophy shares a vision with where we are heading musically with and The Noise Network business,” Mr Kontonicolas said. “It is no secret that the pop music industry in America is broken. It has become a sea of disposable product driven by short-term gains. It no longer has a long-term vision. What I see in Gilad’s Passerby concept is a genuine path to creating lasting art. The United States music business has exhausted its resources. It’s a dry well. The discoveries will come from ‘the explorers’. Passerby is one of those discoveries”.

Gilad Segev looks globally for his collaborations and that mirrors the Noise11 strategy.

Mr Kontonicolas added, “We announced our plans for China in late 2018. I have already made inroads into replicating the Noise11 strategy into India shortly after. This will link back to our company headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and our plans with local government there to bridge various territories and cultures with the Noise11 technology currently being developed out of Melbourne”.

The Noise Network was founded in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. Co-founder Paul Cashmere is a digital media pioneer. In 1995 he created the first-ever digital music magazine on CD-ROM, Undercover. The title was distributed to 27 countries. “When I first met Nick two years, what excited me about him was his global vision. The music business is traditionally a territorially focused industry. Technology has made that thinking obsolete but the industry is very large and therefore very slow to react. Nick saw the potential to leverage the business across different cultures and expand the audience base (and therefore revenue base). By pollinating one country’s music culture with others, as we are doing in China and India, we are developing a global play for artists.

In industry Nick Kontonicolas has always operated with a global view for business development. His operations are spread throughout the world including Abu Dhabi, China, Greece, Ukraine, Hong Kong and now Australia. Nick said, “I want to bring the same values of my music business.

The keyword is the “decommercialisation” of music in modern pop and hip hop. Major labels focus on chart success, the pointy end of the pyramid. There is a vast real estate grab of talent globally being ignored. Noise11 is setting up for the land grab. Our job is to introduce a world of talent to a world of fans. Someone like Gilad Segev and the Passerby concept align with what we are doing,” Nick said.

Noise11 is currently developing its China music initiative as the template for future international music projects. These projects are designed to accelerate artist awareness international by showcasing their export potential.

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