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Juliet Childs

Juliet Childs

Juliet Childs Hardcore Success Generates YouTube Copies

by Paul Cashmere on January 26, 2012

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In less than one week Queensland kid Juliet Childs has generated over 15 million views on YouTube and now the copy videos have started.

Juliet Childs

Juliet Childs

A dubstep version of the song went online within 24 hours of Juliet’s original. The came the covers. Bryan Hume uploaded his own bass version, someone called Metallicat511 uploaded a new guitar version, ManiaKGames stretched the one minute song out into a one hour song but the most bizarre of all is the Demon Child version with the Juliet clip played backwards.

The original version has now been viewed 15,513,479 times on YouTube in the past 6 days.

The number of views has totally taken the Childs family by surprise. “Never in a 12 million years did we expect for any of this to happen, we made the video to share with family and friends and now eskimo’s are watching it,” Julia’s mother Kristina tells Noise11.com.

Watch it here:



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