Ken Weatherwax aka Pugsley From Addams Family Dead At 59
Ken Weatherwax

Ken Weatherwax

Ken Weatherwax aka Pugsley From Addams Family Dead At 59

by Paul Cashmere on December 9, 2014

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Ken Weatherwax, the child star who played Pugsley in the 60s TV show The Addams Family, has died from a heart attack at age 59.

Weatherwax starred in the classic TV show’s two seasons across 1964 to 1966 playing the son of Gomez (John Astin) and Morticia (Carolyn Jones).

After the show was cancelled, at age 10 Ken came to the end of his acting career, although he did return for the 1977 reunion show ‘Halloween with the New Addams Family’.

Weatherwax continued to work in the entertainment business behind the scenes as a grip and set builder. He also regularly made appearances at fan conventions.

John Astin (Gomez) and Lisa Loring (Wednesday) are now the only living members of the original cast. Carolyn Jones (Morticia) died in 1983 at age 53. Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester) died in 1984 at age 69. Ted Cassidy (Lurch) died in 1979 at age 46. Blossom Rock (Grandmama) died in 1978 at age 82.

Thing was played by Ted Cassidy (Lurch) who sometimes used his right hand and sometimes used his left.

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