Marcus Mumford Is On New King Charles Record -
Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons - Photo By Ros O'Gorman, Noise11, Photo

Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons - Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Marcus Mumford Is On New King Charles Record

by on October 7, 2015

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King Charles is set to release his second album ‘Gamble For A Rose’ on 22 January 2016.

King Charles is a different person to the one who released extraordinary debut album ‘Loveblood’ in 2012. Not only has his appearance changed, his long dreads cut perhaps as a symbol of the move away from his old persona to a new more mature Charles, but his music and outlook are underpinned by a need to return to find the root of his musical passion, the reason he started playing, and that all started with friends.

This year Charles took on his biggest tour to date, a 28 nights in 28 days extravaganza that would have broken a lesser individual, but ended in triumph as he headlined the London Forum. Emboldened, one of the first things he said to his friend Marcus Mumford was “I want to make the album I should have made five years ago.” So, Charles and Marcus began demoing songs, declaring the whole idea of the project to be “music to my ears”, Marcus said he would produce it and they decamped to a farm near Exeter to begin working up the songs, with mattresses pushed up against the walls to make vocal booths and old friends to jam with including Charlie Fink and Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale) and Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons).

The first song to be unveiled from ‘Gamble For A Rose’ is the album opener ‘Loose Change For A Boatman’, a passionate love song (“You say your love for me has waned from the storm, Your passions have fallen from the days of old, If ever you loved me, If ever at all, Our souls are tied.”), which builds and builds before exploding into riotous, arena-leveling colour.


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