Mariah And Minaj Feud Carries On -
Mariah Carey Jupiters Gold Coast Show 2013: Photo Gerry Nicholls

Mariah Carey Jupiters Gold Coast Show 2013: Photo Gerry Nicholls

Mariah And Minaj Feud Carries On

by on February 4, 2013

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Mariah Carey reportedly ‘stares into space’ whenever Nicki Minaj talks.

Mariah Carey Jupiters Gold Coast Show 2013: Photo Gerry Nicholls

Mariah Carey Jupiters Gold Coast Show 2013: Photo Gerry Nicholls

The two stars sit on the panel of American Idol together, alongside Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. They haven’t always got along, with Nicki famously caught on camera giving Mariah a tongue-lashing when they disagreed over a contestant.

Nicki recently claimed it’s clear Mariah doesn’t like her, which sources hint might be true.

‘Whenever Nicki has something to say in meetings, Mariah completely ignore her and stares into space,’ an insider told Heat magazine. ‘It’s classic passive-aggressive behaviour and it’s driving Nicki mad. When Nicki speaks, Mariah turns her head to the side and goes off in her own little world.’

After their argument, there were allegations Nicki had threatened to shoot Mariah. The younger star dismissed them, although Mariah admitted hiring extra security.

While the two appear to have called a kind of truce while promoting the show, TV bosses are apparently concerned it can’t last. While Mariah deals with the feud by pretending it isn’t happening, Nicki seems to find it trickier to keep her true feelings under wraps.

‘While Mariah is very calm, Nicki is very hot-headed and passionate and there’s no telling what she might do if Mariah continues,’ the source added.

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