Marilyn Manson Thinks He Is A Furby -
Marilyn Manson, Melbourne photographer ros o'gorman

Marilyn Manson, Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Marilyn Manson Thinks He Is A Furby

by on January 22, 2015

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Marilyn Manson thinks he’s like a Furby.

The gothic rocker is known for being frank in interviews and is happy to reveal snippets of his life to publications.

It’s because of this that he’s likened himself to the furry toy, which can talk to its owners.

“Yeah, let me clarify that. I didn’t say I invented the word. I said I coined it, in that I popularised it. I think I actually wrote ‘grungy’,” Marilyn revealed to American Esquire when asked about his apparent invention of the word grunge when writing about Nirvana.

“But it is pretty amusing that that became a headline. I’m like a Furby. You can push me, and then your sound bite comes out, and there you have your headline. So to clarify, I merely claimed that I popularised the word, which is pretty much not accurate, considering the distribution of the periodical that I wrote it in. But I like to self-aggrandise.”

Marilyn, 46, released his ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor, earlier this week with both fans and critics praising the record.
He collaborated with music producer and film composer Tyler Bates on the tracks, with the two musicians working well together. However, he’s not sure everyone enjoyed the record making experience.

“Normally, it was a pain in the ass for everyone who worked with me to drag me into the studio around 3am to do my vocals. Making this record, I would wake up, go running, and not from police or from women, just running as an exercise, and I would go sing, usually, when the sun was setting,” he explained.

Tyler’s work can be heard in countless big budget movies including Guardians of the Galaxy, 300 and Watchmen. He got on well with Marilyn, with both men making mistakes from time to time.

“Tyler sat in front of me with his guitar and his amp. We wouldn’t talk about what the songs were going to be. I’d say, ‘Just play, give me the mic, go.’ Of course we’d elaborate on it later, but for the most part, the guitar and the vocal takes are the original, like, first take.

“If I f**ked something up or if he f**ked something up, we’d start from the beginning and do it together,” Marilyn said.

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