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Love Deluxe

Love Deluxe

Mike O’Connell Became Love Deluxe Because He Was A Huge Sade Fan

by Paul Cashmere on August 23, 2019

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Sydney’s Mike O’Connell is known professional as Love Deluxe because he is a huge Sade fan.

‘Love Deluxe’ was the fourth Sade album. It was the one with the hit ‘No Ordinary Love’.

“It is my favourite one of hers,” Mike tells Noise11.com. “I am a little unoriginal at times and if I am going to pursue this type of project it really has to have a suitable and catchy name. I really liked that one. Half being original and half being a tribute to her”.

Love Deluxe has just released the Fata Morgana E.P. “Some of them stem back two years when I finished by first E.P.,” Mike says. :I tried to get the ball rolling then but having a full-time job and then pursuing this as a passion project wasn’t something I could just churn out. It was me writing in the studio and to get them into the format and arranging them. It took a long time to get them in the box. Some of them started a long time ago. Others quite recently. The most recent one was the first single ‘Dance of the Lizard People’. I started that last year on a Nord keyboard. Once I got that little bit of gear, I just tried to make a song using those elements. It’s been a couple of years in the making”.

While Mike can knock out a song, producing it takes time. “Writing some songs is easier than other. ‘Campari and Coke’ was written quite quickly. Its just arranging the sounds, getting the structure and recording to make it as good as it should. For me writing is easy but getting ready for the audience takes more time. I don’t have dozens of songs. I just constantly refine things. Inevitably it makes the process a whole lot longer but a whole lot more satisfying.

Love Deluxe ‘Fata Morgana’ is streaming now.

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