More Rocketman Bullshit: Elton John wasn’t named after John Lennon -
Rocketman Elton John biopic

Rocketman Elton John biopic

More Rocketman Bullshit: Elton John wasn’t named after John Lennon

by Paul Cashmere on June 5, 2019

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The new Elton John ‘Rocketman’ flick is just bullshit after bullshit. In trying to tell the story of the artist formerly known as Reg Dwight, director Dexter Fletcher just made shit up.

Elton John was named after John Lennon? What drugs was Fletcher on when he allowed that rubbish into ‘Rocketman?

Fletcher is correct in showing that the Elton in Elton John came from his Bluesology bandmate Elton Dean but the John came from Bluesology founder Long John Baldry.

In Rocketman (which based on this bullshit can honestly be called a fantasy pic) Elton is asked by publisher Dick James what his last name is. He looks at the wall, sees a picture of The Beatles, John Lennon lights up and he answers “John”. The only trouble is, that is completely made up.

Fletcher, who by the way was also the guy who fucked up the Queen story in Bohemian Rhapsody, doesn’t seem at all concerned with the truth in this movie. The thing is, in years to come, people won’t know that and the lie will become the accepted answer.

‘Rocketman’ is a great piece of Hollywood entertainment but about as truthful as Star Wars. Elton did not perform ‘Crocodile Rock’ at his first American show (the song wasn’t even written then), he didn’t have a guitarist at the show (Davey Johnstone joined two years later), he did not play ‘Daniel at this 1967 Dick James audition (the song wasn’t even written then).

Sir Elton John has been vocal after insisting on the accuracy of his first sexual experience as portrayed in the movie. While he may have insisted Fletcher get the position right, he didn’t seem to care that the time and place were totally made up.

Elton worrying about “what will Russia think” when he doesn’t give a fuck about “what will history think” about this movie shows the deluded out of touch rock star he has become, completely separated from reality. Sure, he is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. It’s just a pity he can’t handle the truth.

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