Azealia Banks Endorses Donald Trump -
Azealia Banks, Future Music, Ros O'Gorman, Photo

Azealia Banks, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Azealia Banks Endorses Donald Trump

by on May 8, 2016

in News

Rapper Azealia Banks is receiving massive criticism from fans who don’t approve of her Donald Trump presidential endorsement.

The racist billionaire Presidential candidate is currently running to become the next president of the United States and he has found unlikely support in the outspoken pop star.

“I REALLY want Donald Trump to win the election,” she wrote on her Twitter account Saturday (7May16). “I told you guys (democratic U.S. presidential candidate) Bernie Sanders didn’t have the clout. i (sic) told you all he wasn’t going to be the nominee.”

During his campaign, Trump has made statements that some members of the Muslim and Latino communities have found deeply offensive, but when a Twitter follower accused him of being racist, the 24-year-old 212 hitmaker came to his defence.

In fact Azealia, who has publicly shamed fellow artists Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora in the past after accusing them of black cultural appropriation, even dubbed herself a bigot in defence of the wannabe politician.

“So am I ! …. lol,” she tweeted in response to a fan who accused Trump of being a racist. “Racism/Racialism is sewn into the fabric of our nation. It’s just who the fuck we are.”

“Trying to be all PC and pretending as if we aren’t racial/racist is not good for culture. Censorship is boring,” she added. “Censorship is trash. Television and Movies are even boring now because of it. No one can say anything anymore.”

Although some fans praised Azealia for speaking out on the presidential race, one follower in particular did not approve of her statements, writing: “I used to like @AZEALIABANKS until her homophobia, internalized racism, & internalized sexism became overwhelming”.

Another tweeter suggested to the star, “@AZEALIABANKS girl you need some therapy or some shit. you said your mother didn’t hug you as a child and I think it’s taking a toll on you,” and Azealia responded: “A poor excuse. a dismissal instead of understanding what i’m saying, you refuse to think for yourself.”


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