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James Southwell and Charlie Wooten

Charlie Wooton To Join James Southwell At Thredbo Blues Festival This Weekend

by Paul Cashmere on January 14, 2016

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New Orleans bass legend Charlie Wooton will join the James Southwell Band this weekend to close the Thredbo Blues Festival.

Southwell met Wooton last year when both played at the Great Southern Blues Festival in Narooma. They stayed in contact and Charlie offered to join James for more shows and Thedbo sounded like as good a place as any to start.

“Many people, world wide, think the blues is one thing, a shuffle. Blues is a genre that expands into Funk, Folk and beyond,” Wooton said. “It has many taste and colors, I should know, I grew up in the Deep South of America where Blues originated. I’m here to tell you that James understands this better than most Blues musicians I know and is going to bring this exciting variety of Blues to Thredbo this weekend”.

The James Southwell Band are constantly on tour in Australian and New Zealand. In 2015 Southwell had two weekends off. Over the past 10 years he has played over 2000 shows.

“James is an old soul in a young mans body and he has the fire that makes me excited to play with him,” Wooton added. “The band is tight and you don’t want to miss one set!”

The James Southwell Band will release their new song ‘Walkin’ Now’ for the Thredbo Blues Festival this weekend. Copies will be available at the merch stand at the Festival.

The line-up on ‘Walkin’ Now’ is a who’s who of Australia’s finest musicians and singers:

James Southwell / Guitar & Lead Vocals.
Mark Kennedy / Drums & Percussion.
Tim Partridge / Bass.
John Watson / Drums.
Chris Wilson / Harmonica & Vocals.
Vika Bull / Backing Vocals.
Tracy Kingman / Backing Vocals.
Lachy Doley / Hammond Organ.
Jimmie Sloggett / Saxophone.

‘Walkin’ Now’ is also featured from January 15-21 2016 on Noise11’s iHeartRadio channel.


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