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Glenn Frey, Eagles performs at Rod Laver Arena on 18 December 2010. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Glenn Frey, Eagles. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Eagles Albums Soar On iTunes Australia and USA

by Paul Cashmere on January 20, 2016

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Eagles albums have been selling consistently today following the death of Glenn Frey with one album back in the Top 10.

‘The Complete Greatest Hits’, is the biggest album with a re-entry at no 2 on the iTunes chart in Australia. ‘Their Greatest Hits’, the second biggest selling album of all-time in the USA, is at no 11 in Australia.

Eagles comeback album, the acoustic ‘Hell Freezes Over’ has returned to no 14 and the classic ‘Hotel California’ is at 16. The 2007 double album ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ and ‘Eagles Live’ are also showing at 53 and 70.

Glenn Frey’s solo ‘The Ultimate Collection’ has charted at no 80 and his most recent ‘After Hours’ is at no 165.

Eagles chart positions Australia

2. The Complete Greatest Hits
11. Their Greatest Hits
14. Hell Freezes Over
16. Hotel California
53. Long Road Out Of Eden
70. Eagles Live
80. Glenn Frey – The Universal Masters Collection
165. Glenn Frey – After Hours

In the USA ‘Their Greatest Hits’ is the no 1 album while ‘Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 2’ is at no 7 and ‘The Very Best of Eagles’ is at no 9.

Eagles chart positions USA

1. Their Greatest Hits
7. Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 2
9. The Very Best of Eagles
14. Glenn Frey – Solo Collection
17. Hotel California
31. Long Road Out Of Eden
45. Eagles Live
73. The Long Run
75. Glenn Frey – After Hours
91. Glenn Frey – Live
103. Desperado
109. One Of These Nights
131. On The Border


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