Sinead O'Connor Safe, Cuts Off All Ties With Her Family -
Sinead O'Connor (Photo: Tim Cashmere)

Sinead O'Connor (Photo: Tim Cashmere)

Sinead O’Connor Safe, Cuts Off All Ties With Her Family

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on December 1, 2015

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Sinead O’Connor appears to be distancing herself even further from her family.

Over the past two weeks, the singer has been posting more and more desperate notes that ended on Sunday with her posting what appeared to be a suicide note. Police were called and found Sinead “alive and well” with her threats to take an overdose simply that, a threat.

On Monday, O’Connor once again went on Facebook and posted the following to her family:
Jake, Roisin, Jr., frank, Donal, Eimear, I never wanna see you again. You stole my sons from me. Then you had hypocrisy to come to hospital and then not be here when I wake and not pick up phone? I’m shit to you. You’re dead to me. You killed your mother. You stole my sons. You left me alone for twelve weeks! Why did I have to hear it was your hypocritical asses here while I was unconscious?? And now you’re Gone and not picking up phone? You are child stealing murderers, I never want to see or hear from any of you again. Why were you here when you’re the ones who put me here???? And where the fuck are you now??? Murderers. Liars.
Why O’Connor feels the need to play out the family drama in such a public arena is unknown. Earlier this year, Sinead went through a similar public disagreement with members of her management team and promoters over costs from a tour.


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