Stars React To The Death Of Allen Toussaint -
Allen Toussaint performs in Austin Texas as part of SXSW 2006. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Allen Toussaint performs in Austin Texas as part of SXSW 2006. Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Stars React To The Death Of Allen Toussaint

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on November 11, 2015

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Allen Toussaint touched a lot of heart, both musically and personally, and that has never been more apparent then on social media today in the wake of his passing.

Toussaint died early Tuesday morning in a Madrid hotel after performing in the Spanish city last night. The BBC has reported that he suffered a heart attack and died en route to the hospital.

The following are a selection of just some of the comments made by veteran artists on social media:

Paul McCartney:
“Sorry to hear that Allen Toussaint died after a concert in Spain. Having worked with him in New Orleans I know what a sweet and gentle guy he was and a massive songwriting talent with songs like ‘Fortune Teller’, ‘Southern Nights’, ‘Working in the Coal Mine’ and ‘Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)’. His songs will be cherished by people like me who will have fond memories of Allen forever.

“Deepest sympathies and love to his family from me and my family.”

– Paul

Harry Connick, Jr:
Allen Toussaint has died… rest in peace, good friend… ‪#‎legend‬

John Fogerty:
“It was an honor to work with one of my musical heros. I will never forget this day in the studio with him. Thank you Allen Toussaint, for inspiring me and sharing that special sound and soul of New Orleans that I love so much. Your music will live forever.”

John Oates:
Music lovers around the world today are mourning the passing of the legendary Allen Toussaint. One of the architects of rhythm and blues, writer of many of America’s most well known and beloved early rock and roll. I had the pleasure of hosting him at the Aspen Songwriters Festival some years ago and was honored to be able to perform with him and witness his inspired one man show. Sending love to his family and friends around the world. He will be missed by millions but his music will never die. – J.O.

Ruth Pointer:
I am SO SORRY. my dear Allen Tousaint, RIP Yes We Can & Happiness have been JEWELS you gave the Pointer Sisters. We still LOVE & sing these songs & will never forget you.

Anita Pointer:
A GREAT MAN IS GONE!! The Pointer Sisters were honored to sing his songs all over the world. YES WE CAN was the Pointer Sisters first hit single. When we heard this song on a Lee Dorsey Album we said this is the message we want to take to the world. David Rubinson agreed. The rest is history. HAPPINESS!! Is a song we never do a show without.
ALLEN TOUSSAINT was one of the greatest writers ever. REST and BLESS HIS SOUL!

Love You Always,


Lenny Kravitz:
A friend and mentor passed on this morning. Allen Toussaint, legendary musician, songwriter, producer and arranger from New Orleans. I was blessed to have received his love and attention. My condolences go out to the Toussaint family. Love and Respect!

Doobie Brothers:
Since the sixties Allen Toussaint has been the man behind much of the New Orleans sound as a producer, song writer, horn and vocal arranger, and, of course, artist/performer.

Lee Dorsey, Dr John, the Meters, the Neville Brothers all used his expertise and soulful vision in the studios of New Orleans. He helped create a sound that is unique in American musical history. He will be missed!

Bonnie Raitt:
I’m so deeply saddened to hear of the loss of my dear friend, Allen Toussaint. He was one of the most gentle, loving, and wise people I’ve ever known. He was totally unique in his quiet manner and understated elegance, with not an insincere or grandiose bone in his body. His musical genius has touched the far corners of the world and will remain an indelible part of our cultural DNA. My deep condolences to his family and I will treasure the gift of his friendship and memory forever. — Bonnie

Aaron Neville:
I would like to say a few words about my friend, the great Allen Toussaint. I want to first thank him for believing in me during my early days of singing. He produced my first recordings back in 1960 to 1964, on Minit Records. He also recorded songs for my brother Art. Later in 1972, he recorded me again with songs like “The Greatest Love” and “Hercules.” He was an icon in the music business. He was a great humanitarian. He and I co founded New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness (NOAAHH) back in 1985 and he was scheduled to do a benefit concert with Paul Simon in December for the organization’s 30th anniversary. I know he is loved by a lot of people from New Orleans and around the world for helping them in their careers. He was a great person and a great songwriter and producer. But most of all he was a gentleman. And he will be missed by the music world, my heart is sad. His family is in my prayers.

-Aaron Neville

Dr John:
Dr. John is heartbroken at the loss of his very dear friend Allen Toussaint.

Man this hit home. Of all the cats that I never had a 1 on 1 convo w/ to pick their brain about their music experiences: this is numero uno. I don’t want y’all thinkin’ “this is just some old legend that passed away” naw. This dude wrote some of your favorite music & you just didn’t know it. He effected SO many genres. That’s how you know how potent and effective your art is: when you quietly change the scene w/o proper acknowledgement. If someone had the right to have KWest brag swag it was this man. But his humble quiet disposition wouldn’t allow such a thing. His work will now speak for itself. Just take time to peep his work w #LeeDorsey (#GetOutMyLifeWoman #RideYourPony) some of the greatest clever pop tunes crafted. Hip hop heads still salivate over all #TheMeters tunes he produced & shot new energy into the culture once sampling #JamesBrown was becoming stale (#CissyStrut #LookKaPyPy #JustKissedMyBaby #OhCalcutta) then came a slew of artists in the 70s & 80s that took his work & breathed new life into his songs: #YesWeCanCan #LadyMarmalade #WorkingInACoalmine) —name em! His work was so powerful everyone from #PaulMccartney to #DrJohn to #EricClapton to #TheRollingStones to even #JayZ (“….dear god I wonder can you save me?”….that piano loop? #Toussaint all day) #Amerie’s most banging joint? (A Toussaint production sample) at least 12 “Get Out My Life Woman” snares were like starch in hip hop’s daily nutritional chart–meaning so there you barely notice it.—I can go on and on. Because his work goes on and on. You’ll read better op-eds by professional journalists. Kinda hard to cram all of this hiding from trainer in the gym on iPhone. But i felt the need to write something. When I tag #LegacyGoals I mean it. Humble cat whose work spoke louder than he did. That’s what we all need to learn from. Rest In Beats to the powerful #AllenToussaint



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