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New Music was the Biggest Loser in Streaming during 2018

by Paul Cashmere on January 5, 2019

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Streaming is not the friend of New Music in 2018, according to data from BuzzAngle.

BuzzAngle supplies data analytics of music consumer habits. The data is gathered across the USA and Canada. NB: It does not reflect world habits.

According to the 2018 report, just 10.8% of all on-demand streams were classified New Music during the past year. Audio streams were slightly higher with New Music making up 12.2% of streams but for video the figure was 8.1%.

Almost half of all streams were for Deep Catalog titles (three years or older). 49.5% of all on-demand streams were allocated to Deep Catalog with 45.9% for audio and 56.7% for video.

Catalog (older than 18 months but less than three years) was 12.6% of streams with 13.5% for audio and 10.9% for video.

For single song consumption, the figures were similar. 11% of streams were new music, 49.8% were deep catalog and 62.2% of songs streamed were 18 months or older.

Album consumption again was similar. The largest chunk, 50.6%, went to Deep Catalog (three years or older). Only 12.2% of album streams were for new music.

The data shows interesting trends for an industry obsessed with the next big hit. The audience really doesn’t care about the chart anymore. In an on-demand world they can now make up their own minds. The audience no longer has to be funnelled through radio airplay and record label priorities. They can now set their own priorities and the data shows they already are.

The number one song means nothing to the audience anymore. New music is only on the radar of 11% of streamers. The rest are using streaming as their own personal radio where they are their own personal music director and playing whatever they want whenever they want. The times have changed and the power is with the people. This will only grow in coming years and the impact of traditional media will continue to decline.

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