Noise11 COO Nick Kontonicolas Expands Into Interior Design With Rebecca Zhao -
Rebecca Zhao

Rebecca Zhao

Noise11 COO Nick Kontonicolas Expands Into Interior Design With Rebecca Zhao

by on June 27, 2020

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Noise11’s New York based Chief Operating Officer Nick Kontonicolas has taken an interest in integrating living and working space design with the music industry interior through the work of San Diego designer Rebecca Zhao.

Rebecca Zhao design

Rebecca Zhao is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her S&L Interior Studio business in San Diego caters for the top end of town. Mr Kontonicolas recognized the cross-over of high-quality design with the sort-after imaging required within the music industry. He put the two together as a business model expansion.

“The music business is equally about creating an image as it is about making music,” says Mr Kontonicolas. “Image is part of the over-all package but is often the missing link in the business. Artists with images attract audience. Audiences bring revenue. If you expect fans to “buy” you are an audience, you have to look like a star. The work Rebecca Zhao creates individuality. She makes a statement out of a look”.

Rebecca Zhao design

Rebecca works with people “to bring life to living spaces”. Interior design, like music, is about creating an individual look. Just as music is an art form, so is the way it is presented.

“My designs are an expression of the client and how they portray their image and creative spirit through their workspace designs,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca Zhao design

“When I became involved with my goal was to expand genres and explore the cross-over in cultures. In doing so I identified the necessity to include image as part of the expansion components. It is extremely important with a global business philosophy to maintain individuality but sometimes individuality needs to be created. Interior design in about creating image and evoking an emotional response by the person experiencing the image, such as one experiences music. Not everyone can do it alone. Rebecca’s work is important for that reason,” Nick added.

“I’m very happy with the extra dimension that Nick Kontonicolas brings to Noise11. His devotion to expansion has taken The Noise Network into new and unique direction in our entertainment evolution. Music touches hearts, art touches souls,” Chief Executive Paul Cashmere said.

Rebecca Zhao design

Discover the designs of Rebecca Zhao at

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