Paul Kelly Joins The Living Legends For Leaps and Bounds
Paul Kelly - Image By Damien Loverso, Noise11, Photo

Paul Kelly - Image By Damien Loverso

Paul Kelly Joins The Living Legends For Leaps and Bounds

by Paul Cashmere on July 9, 2014

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Paul Kelly will perform a few songs for Melbourne’s Leaps and Bounds The Living Legends series this weekend.

Kelly will perform on Sunday after (July 13) on Charlie Owen’s night. Paul’s daughters Memphis and Maddy will also appear in their band Wishful.

The Living Legends series will be held over three consecutive nights this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at The Tote in Melbourne.

The Living Legends series:

Friday 11th July: Honours Kim Salmon with a cast of musicians playing from his catalogue which includes the Scientists, Kim Salmon & the Surrealists, Antenna, the Business, the Darling Downs, Salmon and Beasts of Bourbon. The Scientists, formed by Kim Salmon in the late 70s, are considered precursors of grunge.  Peformers: Gareth Liddiard, Mick Harvey, Brian Hooper, Machine Translations, Caroline Kennedy, Penny Ikinger, Tex Napalm, the Bulls, Midnight Scavengers, Andrew McCubbin, Suzie Stapleton, Marilyn Rose and the Thorns, Teenage Libido, the Braves and more. Doors 7pm

Saturday 12th July sees Spencer P Jones appreciated which includes the music of the Johnnys, Beasts of Bourbon, Hell to Pay, as well as Spencer P Jones with the Last Gasp, Cow Penalty, the Escape Committee and the Nothing Butts. Performers include Adalita, Chris Russell, Sly Faulkner, Dan Brodie, Geoff Corbett (SixFtHick, Bris), Phil Gionfriddo, Tom Lyngcoln (Nation Blue/Harmony), Helen Cattanach, Downhills Home, Cherrywood, Greta Mob (Syd), Pink Tiles, Sons of Lee Marvin, Space Junk, the Cheats and more. Doors 7pm

Sunday 13th July is all about Charlie Owen, one of Australia’s most revered guitarists with a live showcase of the bands Owen has been a member of including The Divinyls, the Beasts of Bourbon, The New Christs, Louis Tillet & His Cast of Aspersions, the Working Class Ringos, Tex, Don & Charlie, the Tendrils and the Dark Horses.  Performers include Paul Kelly, Adalita, Mick Harvey, Julitha Ryan, Dan Brodie, Penny Ikinger, Grindhouse, Link Meanie, the Love Bombs, Suzie Stapleton, Tex Naplam, members  of the Large No. 12s and more.

The Living Legends Series at the Tote, 71 Johnston St, Collingwood. Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July.



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