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Queensryche Do Battle Once Again

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on July 2, 2015

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When Geoff Tate was fired from Queensryche, he immediately formed his own version of the band and, for a time, we had music released under that name from two different groups.

That was solved last year when Tate agreed he would not use the Queensryche name but, instead, call his band Operation: Mindcrime after one of the albums the original band released during Tate’s tenure.

This year, both the original Queensryche and Operation: Mindcrime will release new albums. First up is the first official album for Tate under his new group’s name with The Key. The album uses musical elements from the Queensryche catalog in creating what is planned to be a trilogy of albums.

Tate said of the concept “It’s an international story set in many places around the world. And it’s a bit of a mystery that I think will be interesting to follow along to see if they can solve. I know I always like mysteries; I like to see if I can figure out what’s happening and where things are going.”

On the style of the album, “I think it’s gonna be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I’m very excited about the music. It’s very intense and very progressive, very heavy, very light… It kind of covers a lot of ground, which I think a story should.”

The album is also the band’s first in their new agreement with Frontiers.

The track list:
Re-Inventing The Future
Ready To Fly
Discussions In A Smoke Filled Room
Life or Death?
The Stranger
Hearing Voice
On Queue
An Ambush Of Sadness
Kicking In The Door
The Fall
Then, in October, the original Queensryche will release a new, yet unnamed, album. Details are a bit light at this point but band member Michael Wilton told Rock by Wild “The next album from Queensryche is hopefully coming out the first week of October. We are doing a worldwide release. And the record label, Century Media, is the one that will be putting it out.

“They have the demos right now and are very positive and happy about it. I know that a lot of people are really anticipating this, so stay tuned and you won’t be disappointed.”

The two band’s previously battled it out when they were still both using the Queensryche name. Tate’s band moved the released date of their album, Frequency Unknown, up the get the jump on the original band but it didn’t help. Frequency, released in April 2013, peaked at number 82 while Queensryche, released two months later, went to 23.


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