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Randy Travis

Randy Travis

Randy Travis Is Awake But Not Out Of The Woods Yet

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on July 16, 2013

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Things are looking better for country singer Randy Travis, but that doesn’t mean he has an easy road ahead.

An eight minute video was released by Heart Hospital Baylor giving a history of his situation and the latest information on Travis’ condition:

  • On Sunday, July 7, Travis was admitted to Baylor McKinney Hospital and immediately put on life support and transferred to Heart Hospital Baylor.
  • For the first 48 hours, he used “mechanical devices” to support his circulation and heart. Later, he was slowly weened off the machines letting his heart take over.
  • During that time, Travis had a stroke which caused a build of pressure in his brain which was alleviated through surgery.
  • The doctors first felt that Travis had acute viral myocarditus; however, through further study, they feel that the acute viral infection may have “tipped over” a more chronic condition called idiopathic cardiomyopathy, which is a scarring of the heart muscle that does not allow it to work at full efficiency.
  • Neither drugs or alcohol would cause the condition. It is more likely because his family has a history of cardiomyopathy.
  • He remains on a ventilator and IV medication but the medical staff hopes to ween him off both very soon.
  • Travis is “awake, alert and interacting with his family and friends and is starting some physical therapy.
  • It is expected he will remain at Heart Hospital Baylor for two to three more weeks while they stabilize his heart and then go an inpatient facility for aggressive physical therapy where it is expected he will have to stay “for months.”
  • He remains in critical condition but has stabilized.
  • Travis’ fiance, Mary Davis, thanked friends and family for their support.

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