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Fuck Trump Roger Waters

Roger Waters Sends A Clear Message With New Show … “Fuck Trump”

by Paul Cashmere on May 29, 2017

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Roger Waters is sending a very clear message to Donald Trump as part of his new ‘Us + Them’ world tour. The message is ‘Fuck Trump’.

Waters showcases the Trump circus during a show-piece section of the show with the Pink Floyd ‘Animals’ album song ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’. Various images portray Trump wearing lipstick, in a blond wig, in dominatrix leather gear and a naked Trump with a tiny penis. Waters brands the demagogue ‘Charade’.

While ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’ is played the inflatable Pink Floyd flying pig hovers over the audience with the world ‘MACHINE’ on its side and a speech bubble with ‘I won’ coming out of the mouth of a Trump donned in Kiss make-up.

As the band plays on, Trump quotes cover the screen.

“I think apologizing’s a great thing but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I’m ever wrong”

“A nation without borders is not a nation at all. We must have a wall”.

“I was down there and watched our police and firemen down on 7-Eleven, down at the World Trade Center, right after it came down”.

“My IQ is one of the highest – and you all know it. Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure. It’s not your fault”.

“This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier”.

“I’m not a schmuck. Even if the world goes to hell in a handbasket I won’t lose a penny”.

“You know it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass”.

“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter perhaps I would be dating her”.

“I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks”.

“Why was there a Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?”

“It’s freezing and snowing in New York. We need global warming”.

“The wall will go up and Mexico will start behaving”.

“Not that Fox treats me well. It’s that Fox is the most accurate”.

“The point is you can never be too greedy”.

“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”.

And he signs it all off with “FUCK TRUMP”.

The Roger Waters ‘Us + Them’ world tour started in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Roger Waters Us + Them setlist 2017

Set 1:
Roger Waters trump11 Speak to Me (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
2 Breathe (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
3 One of These Days (from Meddle, 1971)
4 Time (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
5 Breathe (Reprise) (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
6 The Great Gig in the Sky (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
7 Welcome to the Machine (from Wish You Were Here, 1975)
8 Déjà Vu (from Is This The Life We Really Want?, 2017)
9 The Last Refugee (from Is This The Life We Really Want?, 2017)
10 Picture That (from Is This The Life We Really Want?, 2017)
11 Wish You Were Here (from Wish You Were Here, 1975)
12 The Happiest Days of Our Lives (from The Wall, 1979)
13 Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (from The Wall, 1979)
14 Another Brick in the Wall Part 3 (from The Wall, 1979)

Set 2:
15 Dogs (from Animals, 1977)
16 Pigs (Three Different Ones) (from Animals, 1977)
17 Money (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
18 Us and Them (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
19 Smell the Roses (from Is This The Life We Really Want?, 2017)
20 Brain Damage (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)
21 Eclipse (from The Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)

22 Vera (from The Wall, 1979)
23 Bring the Boys Back Home (from The Wall, 1979)
24 Comfortably Numb (from The Wall, 1979)



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