Scott Whatley Clocks Up His 50th John Farnham Gig At One Electric Day -
John Farnham welcomes Scott Whatley to his 50th Farnham gig at One Electric Day

John Farnham welcomes Scott Whatley to his 50th Farnham gig at One Electric Day

Scott Whatley Clocks Up His 50th John Farnham Gig At One Electric Day

by Paul Cashmere on November 27, 2019

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Scott Whatley is 36 years old. He has been going to John Farnham shows for 33 1/3 years Last weekend he clocked 50th Farnham gig at One Electric Day in Werribee.

“The first time I saw John was in Launceston when I was three. That is my hometown,” Scott tells

Scott’s One Electric Day experience was one he will never forget. He spent time talking one on one with John before the show. “I was able to look him straight in the eye and tell him how he has enriched my life and what an integral part his music has played in my life,” Scott says. “It was nice to be able to tell him that face to face and for him to be able to process that. It was quite touching and I think he was touched as well”.

John made Scott feel comfortable. “He has an awesome sense of humour,” he said. “When he is on stage he is fabulous at his craft and he is really professional but at the same time he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is happy to have a joke and go with the flow. John takes it as it comes and makes you feel like you are in his lounge room”.

“When I was backstage telling him my story he asked if I’d mind if he’d give me a hug and I said he could give me as many hugs as he liked. I have a great affection and a man-crush on John Farnham. Always have, always will”.

As someone we can confidently call a Farnham aficionado it is surprising that Scott doesn’t have a favourite Farnham album. “I don’t have a favourite. I love his 2010 album ‘Jack’ and ’33 1/3’ was a standout but I wouldn’t call them favourites. Anything that John Farnham does he does his own John Farnham way”.

Scott is draw to the professionalism John Farnham delivers at every show. “He still absolutely loves what he does. One of things that makes me appreciate what he does is that he really interacts with his audience and makes sure they are getting value for money. When he is singing he is going as hard as he can. He is almost willing to bleed for you and give you every possible ounce of energy. There are so few artists who can hold you in the palm of their hand while they are doing their craft. There will never be another John Farnham”.

Clocking up his 50th Farnham gig at One Electric Day was also special for Scott. “I’ve been to several One Electric Days,” he says. “I really like the way it is put on. Duane McDonald and his team always go above and beyond to make sure you have the best possible experience you can him. Since I was introduced to him we’ve had a few chats. He knows how to put an event on. Sunday’s One Electric Day was no exception. To end the day by speaking with John was a day I will never forget”.

Scott will attend John’s Adelaide One Electric Day gig on December 7 and then he is off to Hay Mate Mornington gig on 15 December. Adelaide will be Scott’s 10th Farnham gig this year.

There is one more One Electric Day to go.

One Electric Day dates

7 December, Barossa, Seppeltsfield

Get tickets for One Electric Day here

John will also headline the Hay Mate charity concert for farmers at Mornington on 15 December 2019.

Get Hay Mate tickets here.

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