Steve Kilbey Quits The Church Then Recants Statement -
Steve Kilbey: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Steve Kilbey: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Steve Kilbey Quits The Church Then Recants Statement

by Paul Cashmere on October 4, 2012

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Earlier today Steve Kilbey said he is quitting The Church but later in the afternoon recanted his original Facebook bitch.

Steve Kilbey: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Steve Kilbey: Photo Ros O'Gorman

Kilbey made the announcement that he was leaving the band via Facebook after stating he was “totally disgruntled” with his American record label Second Motion Records after receiving $400 in royalties for the past year and the other members of The Church receiving $100 each.

Not long after, he deleted the original post and wrote, “i took away my ill conceived bitching against the music biz. i recant it all. it will not help our cause. this was not the place to eyre my rock grievances

The earlier post read, “the church got their “royalty statement” yesterday from our record company second motion. (months late as usual!)the other 3 got a hundred bucks each. i got 400 buck. oh yeah! a hundred bucks…? is that all we earned in over one years record sales in the US?”.

Steve said money was made but it didn’t filter through to the band, “Well if you look at the spread sheets seems like plenny of money coming in. but gosh darn theres a fee for handling this a fee for handling that a fee for processing this a charge here deduction there. eventually he whittles it down to a hundred bucks each(400 for me coz of my solo albums!) and i’m s’posed to go…oh thanks…a hundred bucks i made from our 30 records or so. for one year or more in the US. here are some fees deducted to whet your appetite…distribution fee, returns processing fee, license,,”less reserves”, liquidated reserves, and then the clincher due to the artist” :50% (ie he took the other 50 after hed taken everything else!) anyway what you do(if youd like your own record company) is basically kick it all around until you lose it. it seems(tho its hard to tell) that the church might have brought in 30 or 40 grand ( i mean starfish alone brought in 6000 on itunes)…but the members of the group got 100 bucks each. i mean he couldnt give us nothing to he came up with 100 bucks each. i am insulted,” he wrote.

He then made the bombshell announcement, that he was leaving the band. “i have decided to leave the church. this is not a joke. i will complete the current tour and then i’m done. i implore you all not to buy any records from second motion records. as you see none of it will come to us. same as it ever was. i have decided to leave my own band permanently as a protest to being fucking treated like this”.

So for now it he is Steve Kilbey from The Church but a new record label may not be too far off.

Watch the interview with Steve Kilbey.



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