Steven Van Zandt Steps In To Kickstart Rascals Reunion -
Steve Van Zandt, Photo Ros O'Gorman,

Steve Van Zandt, Photo Ros O'Gorman

Steven Van Zandt Steps In To Kickstart Rascals Reunion

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on September 27, 2012

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Two years ago, the Rascals reunited for only the second time in forty years to play a benefit in New York as a favor to Steven and Maureen Van Zandt.

Steve Van Zandt, Photo Ros O'Gorman,

Steve Van Zandt, Photo Ros O'Gorman

Steven had been trying to get the band together for a reunion for a number of years and the night proved to be a great success.

Shortly after the show, a story was posted that the four original members would go out on tour together, but it never took place. Van Zandt is stepping in again to try and make additional shows happen with the Kickstarter campaign called The Rascals Once Upon a Dream Reunion Shows.

Van Zandt will direct the shows, set for December 13, 14 and 15 at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, while lighting and projection master Marc Brickman will design “elements of the staging and light design never seen before.”

Below is a video explaining the campaign, which includes special bonuses at different pledge levels, that includes the following from Van Zandt:

To do justice to the Rascals importance, I’ve written a show for them that is just as unique as they are. It’s called “Once Upon a Dream”. It’s a combination of a Rock Concert and a Broadway show that will include their own live performance by the original four Rascals – Felix, Eddie, Dino, Gene, and be complimented by filmed segments and news
footage and will be a show that they can take all over the country….The show will be an uplifting inspiration for you fans that have been waiting all these years, praying for a Rascals comeback, and those of you who are younger will get a real taste of the ’60’s you
missed the first time around. Me and Marc have invested our time, money, and blood these past few years for this idea and now we need you to bring it home. Not one dollar that is contributed will go into anyone’s pocket, or be commissioned in any way, every dollar will go into the production making it as good as it can be, as great as the Rascals deserve….So that’s it. The Rascals are coming back. We have been looking for other investors but nobody has any vision anymore. Frankly nobody believes in this dream except me, Marc, Peter and you. The production will be as big as you make it. On behalf of the Rascals Thank you.



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