SXSW’s Brent Grulke Coming For Face The Music -
Face The Music, The Push

Face The Music 2011

SXSW’s Brent Grulke Coming For Face The Music

by Paul Cashmere on September 26, 2011

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At this year’s Face The Music conference in Melbourne, I will be hosting the keynote address with international guest Brent Grulke, the creative director of SXSW.

Face The Music, The Push

Face The Music 2011

“It’s very exciting to have the artistic director of the biggest music conference in the world, South by Southwest’s Brent Grulke, to deliver Face the Music’s keynote speech,’’ said Patrick Donovan from Face the Music’s partner organisation, Music Victoria. “Not only will Brent give some insights into breaking the world’s hottest acts and how the conference has grown over its 25 year history, he will be able to enlighten us about how the Texas Government and Austin Council had the balls to change its official slogan to ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ and then go about delivering on its lofty promise.”

Face The Music is in its fourth year this year. The non-profit event provides the Victorian music community with a platform for professional and creative development.

With Brent making his way to Melbourne, the local music community will hear about the way the City of Austin integrates with its music community and how Austin has developed into one of the biggest music networks in the USA.

Face The Music will be held on November 18 and 19 at the Arts Centre in Melbourne.



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