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The Game

The Game

The Game’s Fiancée Wishes He Wasn’t A Rapper

by on November 7, 2012

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The Game’s fiancée wishes that her future husband had a different occupation.

The Game

The Game

The rapper proposed to his partner of nearly a decade, schoolteacher Tiffany Cambridge, in October 2011.

Game has received international acclaim for his hip hop music, but Tiffany remains unimpressed.

“She would rather me be a fireman, even if I had to go sleep at the firehouse three nights a week. She’d rather me be a policeman, even if it means I might die every night I go out to work,” he told MTV News.

‘She’d rather me be a trash man, even if it meant picking up shit and shoveling dirt all day, than a rapper.”

Apparently Tiffany believes that Game’s life as a musician adversely impacts their relationship.

He simply spends too much time on the road for her taste.

“She’s trying to find her balance between the love she has for me and hip hop taking that away from her on a day-to-day basis,” he explained.

“Women are some freaky creatures, and it’s gonna be fun to see what everybody feels about how this whole reality show thing plays out.”

The Game and Tiffany will debut Marrying the Game on VH1 later on this month.

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