The Simpsons Take A Dump On Trump -
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The Simpsons Take A Dump On Trump

by Paul Cashmere on August 1, 2016

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The Simpsons have created a short video about the insanity of America’s upcoming election and the nutter running for President.

“Paid for my Americans who are really starting to miss Obama,” the voice-over says after a bizarre sketch featuring Heir Trump in bed tweeting while being called to the Situation Room.

Trump is heard ordering staff “put my name on the Lincoln Memorial, make Chris Christie eat a worm just for laughs, disband NATO and make me some scrambled eggs in a gold plate”.

“I’m voting for Trump,” Homer says. “If that’s your vote I question if I can ever be with you again,” says Marge.

The Simpsons is currently in recess. Season 28 will return on 25 September, 2016.

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