Toby Keith Plays Melbourne SETLIST -
Toby Keith, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Toby Keith, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Toby Keith Plays Melbourne SETLIST

by Paul Cashmere on March 23, 2014

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Toby Keith is as country as it gets, right down to the double entendre song titles, cowboy hats and songs about beer and more beer.

Keith is a country AC/DC right down to the point where he opened his Australian shows with AC/DC blaring through the speakers to get to crowd in the mood.

It was Hammer Time, an expression that MC Hammer may have coined but Keith has adopted. Despite being on the other side of the planet Toby Keith owned his Melbourne audience this night.

Keith was performing an arena show in Melbourne and one could only imagine how it would go down in its natural environment back home in Oklahoma.

Willie Nelson appeared via video for ‘Beer For My Horses’. Tony also sang on ode to Willie with ‘Weed For Willie’.

Toby Keith also paid tribute to both the American and Australian troops, dedicating ‘American Solider’ to those at war but without acknowledging the governments who put them there.

And yes, there were the drinking songs. Drinking was a recurring theme at the show with songs like ‘Beers Ago’, ‘Red Solo Cup’, ‘Hadn’t Had A Drink All Day’, ‘Beer For My Horses’ and ‘Drinks After Work’.

Melbourne was the last show on Toby Keith’s Australian tour. His first show back in the USA will also be in Melbourne. He is heading to Melbourne, Florida at the end of this month.

Toby Keith Melbourne setlist, March 19, 2014

1. Haven’t Had a Drink All Day 
(from Hope On The Rocks, 2012)
2. American Ride 
(from American Ride, 2009)
3. Beers Ago 
(from Clancy’s Tavern, 2011)
4. I Wanna Talk About Me 
(from Pull My Chain, 2001)
5. Whiskey Girl 

6. Hope on the Rocks 

(from Hope On The Rocks, 2012)
7. God Love Her 
(from That Don’t Make Me The Bad Guy, 2008)
8. Beer for My Horses (featuring Willie Nelson) 
(from Unleashed, 2002)
9. Drinks After Work (from Drinks After Work, 2013)
10. Weed With Willie 
(from Shock’n Y’all (2003)
11. Get Out of My Car 

12. Red Solo Cup 
(from Clancy’s Tavern, 2011)
13. Who’s Your Daddy? (from Unleashed, 2002)

14. As Good As I Once Was 
(from Honkytonk University, 2005)
15. I Love This Bar 

(from Shock’n Y’all (2003)
16. Should’ve Been a Cowboy 

(from Toby Keith, 1993)
17. How Do You Like Me Now 
(David Allan Coe song)
18. A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action 
(from Toby Keith, 1993)

19. American Soldier/Australian Soldier 
(from Shock’n Y’all (2003)

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