Vince Jones Live Is Next In The ARCA Desk Tape Series -
Vince Jones Live at the Theatre Royal Castlemaine

Vince Jones Live Is Next In The ARCA Desk Tape Series

by Paul Cashmere on June 1, 2022

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A 2016 concert by Vince Jones at the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine will be the next release in the Australian Road Crew Association (ARCA) Desk Tape Series.

Jones performed with a band featuring Ben Robertson (double bass), Sam Keevers (piano) and Danny Fischer (drums). The sound was captured by in-house engineer Simon Glozier.

“It added to the ambience of Vince’s music,” sound engineer Simon Glozier said. “You get a great sound onstage. Some of these players are so brilliant, it amazes me they maintain such a high level of passion. It doesn’t become just a job for them.”

For Jones the intimacy of the venue took him closer to the crowd. “Eyeballing is an important element,” he said. “You’re listening and watching. You have empathy with that player, you know where he’s going…and you get excited when they don’t go there!”.

Just In Time
This Is Always
Don’t Jettison Everything
Rainbow Cake
Our Town
Oh My Love
Winter In America
The Parting Glass

The Vince Jones LIVE at the Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, 2016 live tape and all the ARCA Desk Tape Series recordings are available through Black Box Records – ARCA ( or via streaming services.

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