Violent Femmes Reunion Is Big News In Milwaukee -
Brian Ritchie, Photo: Ros O'Gorman

Brian Ritchie, Photo: Ros O'Gorman

Violent Femmes Reunion Is Big News In Milwaukee

by Paul Cashmere on January 26, 2013

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The people of the City of Milwaukee are pretty excited that their favourite sons The Violent Femmes are getting back together.

Brian Ritchie, Photo: Ros O'Gorman

Brian Ritchie, Photo: Ros O'Gorman

The news came very matter-of-fact. The Violent Femmes were listed in that long list of bands that were announced for Coachella yesterday.

Violent Femmes released their last album in 2000 and played their last concert in 2007. The official announcement of the split came in 2009.

In an article in Tap Milwaukee today, journalist Piet Levy said that the reunion came as a complete surprise. “There had been rumblings about a Coachella performance from a reunited Postal Service ahead of the official lineup reveal, but there was virtually no indication about a Violent Femmes reunion performance leading up to Coachella’s announcement,” he wrote.

The three-piece Violent Femmes is Gordon Gano, Victor DeLorenzo and Brian Ritchie. After the break-up Brian migrated to Australia and lives in Hobart. He is now an Australian citizen.

“The band is looking forward to seeing many new and old faces in the crowd and hope people will still
enjoy our Wisconsin grown version of folk/punk music!,” DeLorenzo said in a statement. “Not quite sure what might happen beyond those two performances at the moment, but it will be a monsterous thing of beauty to see and hear us together once again in California!”

Violent Femmes will perform two shows at Coachella in April.

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