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Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black

Why Is Rebecca Black Is Coming To Australia?

by Paul Cashmere on September 23, 2011

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Someone should tell the good people at Australia’s biggest telco Telstra that Rebecca Black’s 15 minutes of fame ended … well 15 minutes after we first heard of her.

Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black

So someone at Telstra still thinks she is famous. Telstra has dipped into its pockets to shout the internet reality popstar has-been a trip to Australia to appear at one of their functions.

Rebecca is excited about the trip. She tweeted it was “the best thing since microwaveable popcorn”. (Yes, like her talent, her expectations of Australia are also low.

There’s no word on when Rebecca will be in the country but lets hope its soon. With a career that lived shorter than a Britney Spears marriage, lets hope Telstra get her through Australian customs while we can still recall her past career of 6 months ago.




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