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by Paul Cashmere on June 27, 2016

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There is a lot of history in Taste. When Ken Murdoch, Joey Amenta, Michael Tortoni formed Taste with Virgil Donati in the 70s Queen was new, Countdown was just starting and breaking internationally was near impossible for an Aussie band.

In the 70s there were no radio networks, no Internet and no 24-hour music television. Bands made their name by where they toured and lifted their profile with city by city the songs made the radio.

Taste release two albums back then ‘Tickle Your Fancy’ in 1976 and ‘Knights of Love’ in 1977. Then it was over.

With a few decades under the belt it was time to reform. Virgil Donati wasn’t available, he lives in LA now so Damian Corniola was recruited.

Taste in the 21st century is one tough rock band. They have a new album ‘Life On Earth’ and a potent new rock song ‘I Am God’.

Ken, Michael, Joey and Damian tell the Taste story to Noise11’s Paul Cashmere.



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