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Wolf & Cub

by Andrew Tijs on April 4, 2012

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Australia’s finest psych rockers return with a new line-up, a double A-side, and an album on the way. We reintroduce to you… Wolf & Cub.

Following their acclaimed second album Science & Sorcery  from 2009, Wolf & Cub dropped off the radar to a certain extent. After a couple of years of travelling, soul-searching and band reshuffling, they’re back and as trippy as ever.

We sat down for a beer at The Old Bar with Joel, Wade and Brock from the band. We discuss the break, the new line-up, recording in Byron and teaming up with former Gerling member and now revered producer Burke Reid for their new album, the genesis of their new double A-side ‘All Through The Night’/’See The Light’, and more.

And watch them perform the tunes live at The Old Bar for Noise11 here.



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