Art4Changes Unites The Power of Art To Fight COVID-19 Via The World's Great Artists -

David Datuna, Founder, Art4Changes

Art4Changes Unites The Power of Art To Fight COVID-19 Via The World’s Great Artists

by on March 31, 2020

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“Simply sitting home in confinement will not change the world, acting from home to provide real help – will!”. This is the global message wants to send to the world via Art4Changes.

The Noise Network’s Chief Operating Officer Nick Kontonicolas has committed the support of behind Art4Changes, a New York based arts initiative to involve the world’s greatest artists in a positive attack on COVID-19. Mr. Kontonicolas was introduced to Art4Changes by his Friend and Business Associate, Mr. Givi Topchishvili. Mr. Topchishvili is CEO of We Fund Health

Mr. Kontonicolas is putting his position in the global arts community via to connect the work of Art4Changes to the world during this global COVID-19 crisis.

David Datuna, founder, Art4Changes

David Datuna, founder, Art4Changes

Arts4Changes all began with a late-night phone call. David Datuna (, the New York-based artist who ate Maurizio Cattelan’s $120K Art Basel Banana titled ‘The Comedian’, called his close friend and personal director Christina Katrakis ( “It’s madness in NY city,” David Datuna said.

David as many other New Yorkers was shocked at the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic and disruptions it brought into people’s lives and wanted to do something to help. A big believer in the power of Art, David knew that it can be used to change the situation and after he found a partner and an ally in Christina Katrakis the charitable project Art4Changes ( was born.

Art4Changes was created by Katrakis’ team-mates from Art Marketing School (, where Katrakis is the president and the professor. At the time, AMS team was working on a special art lecture and workshop with David Datuna. All lectures, workshops and projects were put aside, in order to concentrate fully on the cause. Whole team worked around the clock to set up the art4changes site, reach out to major artists and celebrities, set the system of donations, interaction and support. As a result, a global non-profit project Art4Changes was successfully launched. Every dollar realized from the sale of all of the listed on the site artworks, memorabilia, lectures, merchandise, downloads sold during this time – will go directly to COVID-19 fundraising efforts. Art4Changes allows the buyer to choose and make a direct donation to organization they want their contributions to go to including: The World Health Organization, International Red Cross and the CDC Foundation.

Christina Katrakis, President, co-founder, Art4Changes

Christina Katrakis, President, co-founder, Art4Changes

The artwork purchase process is completely transparent. The buyer chooses the work they want to purchase and chooses one of the above charities (which work in all countries of the world combating COVID-19 pandemic). The buyer can even choose the country to which he/she wants to donate in particular. Art4Changes raises funds for and works with 3 major International foundations: Red Cross (all countries), WHO (International World Health Organization) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control). The buyer sends the total cost of the artwork (as listed on directly to the charity, Art4Changes does not handle any financial transactions and makes no profit at all. Art4Changes then receives a transaction receipt from the charity from that individual. At that point, the buyer directly coordinates and pays for their preferred shipment and insurance. The courier then, contacts the artist regarding the pick-up details.

Artists including Roger Ballen, Ultra Violet, William John Kennedy, David Datuna and Conor McCreedy, have all donated their artwork to the cause. Art Marketing School donated a free art therapy lecture for the cause, listed on the site. Sport celebrities such as Alexander Ovechkin (legendary NHL hockey player, 3 times World Champion) has donated his personal signed hockey stick to the cause, to raise proceeds for the COVID-19 pandemic cure and treatment. Exquisite merchandise producers have also joined the Art4Changes cause. Swiss Watch Company, Ernst Benz is donating a 47mm ChronoSport automatic Yellow Abstract Dial Limited Edition 1/25” Art & Time” by Anthony Liggins timepiece. As well as developing a limited-edition watch inspired by the cause of art4Changes spirit, profits from its sale will go towards the cause. Artist Anthony Liggins will be donating an original 2017 acrylic on canvas piece. Exclusive 1884 Collection by Petochi Jewelry House is developing the exclusive line of jewelry inspired by Art4Changes cause, which also will be available only on the art4changes site. And the renown HOC Perfume Brand is donating its unique line of perfumes, inspired by the Art4changes mission to the cause as well. All of these artifacts, memorabilia and merchandise are available on the Art4Change site to raise money for the COVID-19 cure and treatment cause. Proceeds from the sale, will support the scientists and doctors who are combatting the virus. Please go onto the to buy and help!

The Noise Network and its media brand is a pioneering digital new media company. The Noise Network is honoured to partner with such a positive initiative and provide media support and maximum exposure to the cause and spread the message.

“The Arts create unity globally,”, Nick Kontonicolas says. “The philosophy of The Noise Network is to act as a United Nations of the Arts, Entertainment and Music. Art4Changes shares out global vision of connection.”

“The Arts Industry is always the first industry to donate time and creativity in a time of need,” says The Noise Network’s co-founder Paul Cashmere. “Art 4Changes urges all artists, designers, musicians, actors, writers and celebrities of all kinds and from around the world, to unite, join the cause and donate (music downloads, book downloads, lectures, speeches, videos, artworks etc). In order to help the Major International Charitable Foundations, at the time of crisis. Art4Changes believe that ‘together we can all make a difference’ and we will. ”

David Datuna, Art4Changes

David Datuna, Art4Changes

UPDATE: As of this week, David Datuna was hospitalized for chemo-therapy treatment. Datuna has learned to live as a cancer patient, hence, he knows the fear of mortality, the inner panic and despair, that comes with it. Unfortunately, David also had recent contact with a COVID-19 infected individual, and he may also now be infected with the virus. The saddest thing is that David will have to live with the fear of the unknown as one of the best hospitals in NY City did not have any more COVID-19 tests, they were simply out of them. They didn’t even know, when they will have them. Now, imagine what’s happening in rural towns and smaller cities. Hospitals don’t even have COVID-19 tests for most vulnerable segments of society, those with low immune resistance, such as cancer patience and HIV positive patience. This is a true crisis and this is exactly why Art4Changes, is urging all to join in and help! Hospitals around the world are in need of basic supplies, medical equipment and even elementary COVID-19 tests! That is exactly why, Art4Changes was created in the first place. Datuna urges all to join and Help now:

David’s message is, “Simply sitting home will not change the world, acting from home to provide real help – will. Each of us may help in our own way – but I’m convinced, that ART can change the world for the better and it is the time for us to unite. Please support us and join in! This is personal to me, since I’m battling cancer at the moment and know the fear of mortality firsthand, hence this project of Help means a lot. The world is in need of basic medical supplies, aid and tests. Please join us ( and Help!”

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