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Colour Coding

Colour Coding

Operator Please Meet Colour Coding

by Paul Cashmere on February 27, 2012

in New Music,News

Tim Commandeur and Chris Holland of Operator Please have a new project called Colour Coding.

Colour Coding

Colour Coding

Tim and Chris are cousins. They have been working together since they were kids and at age 12 and 13 recorded their first EP as a duo in Tim’s father’s studio.

In 2005 Tim formed Operator Please and recruited Chris in 2008. About a year ago they formed Colour Coding.

2011 was mostly spent demoing the songs for Colour Coding. In September, they went into Hurley Studio to start work on the EP ‘Proof’. A single, ‘Perfect’ was soft released through New York label Cosine Records last November.

The duo also remixes other acts. They have worked with Melbourne’s Alpine and Sydney’s Amy Meredith.

The ‘Proof’ EP will be released through Inertia on March 16.

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