The Noise Network COO Nick Kontonicolas brings in Wei Wei Gao of MGM International Media Inc for China Music Initiative Project Joint Venture -

Wei Wei Gao

The Noise Network COO Nick Kontonicolas brings in Wei Wei Gao of MGM International Media Inc for China Music Initiative Project Joint Venture

by Paul Cashmere on December 12, 2018

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NEW YORK, NY — 12 December, 2018 — New York City — Mr. Nick Kontonicolas, COO of The Noise Network (USA) has confirmed awarded China and America based television presenter and blogger Ms. Wei Wei Gao will JV her MGM International Media Inc company with The Noise Network to work on The Noise Network’s China Music Export Initiative for 2019.

This is the first step for Nick’s vision to create a Pan-Asian music and television network and technology platform for the Chinese Music market.

As part of the joint venture Ms. Wei Wei Gao, MGM International Media Inc President and who operates one of the “Ten Most Influential Blogs” in China, has been named an Executive Producer for the first of the music programs planned for development out of Xian, China.

Wei Wei Gao is an award winning journalist, TV producer and advertising and marketing specialist. This joint venture between MCM International Media Inc and The Noise Network Pty Ltd was initiated by Noise Network Chief Operating Officer and C. Trade CEO Nick Kontonicolas who has extensive China connections.

Wei Wei Goa and Nick Kontonicolas

Mr. Kontonicolas said, “I have known and have worked with Wei Wei Gao for a number of years and her expertise in global media makes her an ideal partner for this project The Noise11 China Music Initiative. With Ms. Gao’s involvement this project will be a valuable audience and revenue generator.”

Ms. Wei Wei Gao said, “The reputation of The Noise Network’s brand and prior history is promoting talent in Asia to international territories attracted me to this project. China has so much great talent that is yet to be presented into Western cultures. This project will be an ideal platform for MGM International Media and The Noise Network to work on together.”

Paul Cashmere, Chief Executive Officer of The Noise Network said, “Wei Wei Gao has had an exemplary career in media and has been reached tens of millions through her books, blogs and broadcasts. Nick Kontonicolas has brought in the ideal partner for setting up 2019 for The Noise Network. Combining the audiences of her MGM International Media and The Noise Network for this project will create a business model that will enhance the international music community. For our respective governments we are helping develop trade and export while building relationships between nations”.

The China music initiative is designed to position The Noise Network as a primary exporter of technology and content.
Further statements about timelines for the China Music Initiative will be forthcoming.

About is a leading and respected global music channel generating thousands of pieces of music content each year including video interviews with music’s biggest international stars like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Mr. Kontonicolas would also like to introduce many other new music genres in our existing music network to expand the demographic and content offering. is often quoted in leading world publications and media organisations such as MTV, BBC and NME.

About MGM International Media Inc.:
Since its launch in 2010, MGM mainly focus on China market. MGM has grown to become one of the fastest growing companies in the field. During these years, MGM cooperated with top media companies and TV companies in China, produced talk shows, promotional videos and commercial advertisements. MGM cooperated with Phoenix Satellite Television (one of the top ten Television companies in China), co-produced a TV program called “Home”.

About Wei Wei Gao:

Ms. Wei Wei Gao, CEO and President of MGM Media, has been engaged in the news business for decades, working as a reporter, TV producer, and writer of various celebrity columns. Celebrities she has interviewed face in face include former US President Bill Clinton, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Jewish American leader Jack Rosen, famous overseas Chinese-American civic leader Anna Chennault, cosmetics queen and TV producer Ya Sai Kan.

As a celebrity of outstanding achievements, Ms. Wei Wei Gao has been invited to participate in major events in North America, such as the inauguration ceremonies of President Obama and Trump, dinner parties in honor of the Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping’s state visit to US and Mexico, Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to the United States.

As popular blog writer, Wei Wei Gao has been honored as one of the “Top 10 Blog Columnists of Sina” ( is one of the most popular websites in China) and one of the “Top Ten Blog Columnists of Netease ”.( ( is one of the most popular websites in China) . Her social media accounts, such Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) , WeChat (Chinese version of Facebook Messenger) accounts also have attracted millions of readers, fans and followers, with visitors exceeding 200 million in total. Her articles and video clips have been reprinted, quoted, and reposted by major media outlets both in China and America, becoming a bridge connecting the two peoples and a window for the two people to understand each other better.

Wei Wei Gao is a prolific writer. The books she has published so far include “Looking at the United States from the Perspective of Gao’s,” “Chinese American Bosses in New York,” and “Wei Wei Gao’s United States.”

Wei Wei Gao is also the executive producer and anchor of her TV Magazine “Wei Wei Gao’s United States and China”, a comprehensive TV program aired at 9:55 pm on Sinovision TV Station in New York (Channel 69) that includes in-depth interviews, major current news events and stories in China and America that are of interest to both American and Chinese audience. Clips of the program have been reposted in major Chinese and American social media websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Content, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Today’s Headlines,, Youku, Tencent, Iqiyi and so on, catering American audience with a true China and Chinese audience with an authentic America, promoting Chinese culture to American audience and American culture to Chinese audience, and building a channel and a bridge for a better Sino-Western exchange and cooperation.

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