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360 Charity Mickey Mouse Jacket Tops $4K On eBay

by Andrew Tijs on May 16, 2012

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Rapper 360 has donated a signed Mickey Mouse jacket, which has accrued over $4000 on eBay within four hours.



The enormously popular Aussie rapper donated the autographed vintage satin Mickey Mouse jacket to raise money for The Salvation Army.

It was posted on eBay this morning and is already going for over $4000, with more than nine days left in the auction.

360 is as surprised as anyone by the turn of events. He tweeted just before midday that the jacket was posted on eBay and an hour later tweeted “I put this jacket on auction this morning., bidding starts at $100. It’s already $3,800.. Wtf.”

At the time of publishing, the jacket is going for $4101 after 49 bids. The auction finishes on Saturday 26 May at 10:28AM. Check it out here.

And watch our chat with the man below.



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