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Devo’s Booji Boy Is Now A Bobblehead

by Paul Cashmere on May 16, 2015

in News

Devo’s Booji Boy has been turned into a Bobblehead or … a Throbblehead as he is referred to.

1000 limited edition Booji Boy throbbleheads are now in production ready for shipping in June,

The Booji Boy character was first introduced in the 1976 short film ‘The Truth About De-Evolution’.

According to the producer’s of the throbblehead, “Booji Boy, who was conceived in the early 70s, has traits of a simian child and typically wears a nuclear protection suit. He is portrayed by Mark Mothersbaugh in a mask and is the son of another fictitious Devo character, General Boy. The intent of the figure is to satirize infantile regression in Western culture, a quality Devo enjoyed elucidating”.

The Booji Boy character reappeared in the music video for the 1981 Devo song ‘Beautiful World’.

He also appeared in the 1982 Neil Young movie ‘Human Highway’.

The Devo Booji Boy costs $29.95 and is available for pre-orders now.


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